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Burlington Ontario Wildlife Control/Management provides professional animal control, pest management, animal trapping, eviction and exclusion services in the Burlington Ontario area. The services we offer include:

Burlington Raccoon Trapping and Control

Raccoons are intelligent creature able to make their way into most any home or business. Their nimble fingers allow this medium-sized mammal to manipulate objects and easily break in. In the city of Burlington ON Raccoons have increasingly become a nuisance. They take up residence in homes within attics, walls, chimneys, siding and any area they can gain access to. Raccoons are stocky, powerful animals who can become aggressive and cause serious injury if approached. They also have a high incidence of rabies, and their parasites can vector many serious diseases. Raccoon control usually is accomplished by trapping.

Burlington Squirrel Trapping and Control

In Southern Ontario Squirrels (and Burlington) squirrels are a common site. Most often they stick to making nests in trees and do not bother humans. However, there are times when this small, furry rodent will invade homes by chewing their way through small openings. They can then cause extensive damage to attics, soffits and other areas of your home. By gnawing through wires in your attic squirrels can also be a fire risk. They also contaminate buildings with the shed hairs, urine, and droppings, and the parasites they carry can transmit many serious diseases.

Burlington Bird Control

In the Burlington area there are many birds that can be classified as “Pest” birds. However 3 of these deserve special mention. Sparrows, pigeons and starlings most often become pests when their droppings land on, and damage buildings and homes. In addition, a large amount of bird feces and droppings can create a health hazard for people living within the direct vicinity. Other species, such as the Canada Goose, are normally considered to be “Nuisance” birds and must be controlled using different methods.

Burlington Bat Control

Most often people will see bats in Burlington at dusk, when summer insects coming out in large numbers. This normally makes the bat a beneficial mammal as they are able to consume hundreds of insects in a single evening. However, they can become a nuisance as well when the burrow their way into homes through small cracks or openings in soffits. They will then make their nests in your attic and can cause noise annoyances as well as pose a very serious health concern due to their toxic feces. In addition, bats have been known to carry the rabies virus which can be transferred to humans. If you think you may have a bat problem then give Burlington Wildlife Control a call.

Burlington Skunk Control

Skunks can be found both in rural areas as well as right within the city of Burlington. This medium sized animal is nocturnal and will diet mostly on berries, insects and small rodents. They do not pose a direct hazard to humans but can become a nuisance when they make their nests in areas that come into contact with humans. They particularly like burrowing under decks where it is quiet and dark. While the skunk is a passive animal, they can become agitated when protecting themselves or their young and will spray their foul smelling discharge when threatened. Burlington Wildlife Control will most often trap the skunks and then exclude them from your premises.